Botox and Injectables


Treatments with safe, practically painless Botox injections will keep your skin looking supple and radiant all year round. The most trusted method of smoothing out crow's feel and forhead wrinkles or turning up the corners of your mouth, 


Juvederm fillers are ideal for chin augmentation, adding a dash of rejuvenating luster under the eyes, helping to shape and lift the face, as well as for fuller, more kissable lips. Extraordinarily popular at the moment, Dr. Weber will acquaint you with the benefits of each different filler product, to ensure that you receive the ideal treatment.

Soft Lift

A revolutionary treatment that blends the natural benefits of Botox with Juvederm, the Soft Lift procedure enhances the unique contours of your face to create a startling (but absolutely recognizable) new you. The treatment can eliminate deep wrinkles and circles under the eyes, while smoothing fine lines and adding volume to lips, cheeks, jaw line, chin, etc


A non-surgical treatment for submental fullness caused by bulging fat (also known as subcutaneous fat). It involves an injection made into the area underneath your chin. Once injected, Belkyra works to break down the fat you don’t want under your chin. In one or more sessions, you’ll see that bulging fat slim down, giving you a firmer neck area you’ll love. You won’t have a double chin anymore.

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