What is a chemical peel?

Before Booking

Indications For These Peels

-Lighten hyperpigmentation (melasma, PIH, and solar damage)

-Reduce acne breakouts and excessive oil

-Soften fine lines and wrinkles

-Tightens skin

-Brightens a dull complexion

-Softens rough skin texture


-Active infection or disease on the treatment area.

-Accutane use within the last 12 months

-Use of topical acids within the last week

-Pregnancy and lactation

-Medical facial treatment or laser within 2 weeks

-Rosacea and excessive telangiectasia

-Open sores and rashes

-Unrealistic expectations.

-Botox or injectables in past 2 weeks or 24 hours after

After Care

-SPF of 30 or higher

-Do not wear makeup the day you have your treatment

-Your skin may be red after the treatment 

-Avoid excessive heat or sweating within 24 hours 

-Your skin may peel 3-7 days after a peel. Do not pick off dry skin

-Use proper skin care to keep skin hydrated and protected.

-Avoid indoor and outdoor sun exposure for a minimum of 1 week.

-Do not wax, exfoliate or use acids for 2 week after.

-Call if you have any concerns after your pee!